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Ballard LocksBeing a visual person, I've been taking pictures since I was big enough to hold my first 110 camera.  Yeah, the one with the square pictures and flash cubes... smile!  I moved on to my mom's old 35mm camera and being a typical self conscious teen always found relief taking the pictures because then I didn't have to be in them!  My sister has always been far more photogenic than I anyway...

I soon found that the frame could be so many things, loose, tight, narrow, forgiving, revealing.  But primarily you frame the scene forever for your audience.  There's something so rewarding in revealing that kind of beauty for someone else... its a magic moment of mutual discovery.

With that, I'm proud to present you with a gallery of my photographs.  It will open in a new window and may be a little rougher than this polished portal... but its really easy for me to drop new stuff in there and that's what keeps the juice flowing fresh for you.  Keep checking back!

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